You Can’t Google This

The greatest challenge is moving beyond the glitz and pizzazz of the flashy technology to teach true literacy in this new milieu. Using the same skills used for centuries—analysis, synthesis, and evaluation—we must look at digital literacy as another realm within which to apply elements of critical thinking.

Jones-Kavalier & Flannigan

Often I get the question from educators, “How can I teach in a classroom with students having a variety of their own devices?” This new reality of giving students the flexibility and choice to bring in their personal learning devices really gives us the opportunity to address how we can improve the learning environment for students. We need to build a culture of ethical use of devices with our students and build assignments that give students choice on how they will deliver their learning to us. It is not the poster project that is the problem but the better question that we need to either form with or pose to our students. Are we giving them “non-googleable” questions that inspire them to explore concepts or are we just asking them to cut and paste their way to graduation? The sea of devices in a classroom forces us to embrace our role as facilitator of knowledge in a community of learners. Are we going to embrace the possibility to improve education for our students with these new tools? Digital devices are just that, another tool that will stretch and expand learning in the student/teacher toolbox. Teachers need professional development in the potential of digital devices and the cloud and students can help in this learning. In the end, an innovative, open teacher is really our best app.

This guest post features Lisa Domeier de Suarez (@librarymall), Helping Teacher (Teacher-Librarian & ICT) for the Surrey School District.  She supports Teacher Librarians as they provide educational leadership through their collaboration with teachers to promote creative, professional learning in schools. Her post originally appeared as a comment in response to Chris Kennedy’s blog on After Personally Owned Devices .

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