Making Space for Change

I recently presented a keynote called Design for Collaborative Learning: Current Trends and Pedagogy,” subtitled “Making Space for Change,” at the B.C. CEFPI Annual Conference of school planners and architects. I was asked to provide a birds-eye view of the new curriculum, talk about it in the context of collaboration and speak to the implications for the design and use of physical space. For those that are interested, here are the presentation slides:

As well, I showed the video clip embedded below. Special thanks to Teacher-Librarian Helping Teacher Lisa Domeier (@librarymall) for creating the video about the Learning Commons as well as connecting me with the fabulous resources for researching the presentation.

Learning Commons Video from lisa domeier on Vimeo.

2 responses to “Making Space for Change

  1. Tammy Hartmann

    Your blog always makes me think. It also inspires me to re-think current practices in school. It reminded me about what Maria Montessori called, ‘the prepared environment’–I wonder what she would have ‘imagined’ the prepared environment in 2014 might look like? She was a woman ahead of her time. As a former Montessori teacher, I have always known that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. You remind me that we need to ask, “Why not?” and, “What if?” instead of, “Why bother?”

    • innovativelearningdesigns

      You are right. It is so interesting to imagine what Maria Montessori might have called “the prepared environment” in 2014. And yes, we do need to ask, “Why not?” and, “What if?” instead of, “Why bother?”. Thanks!

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