Engaging the Digital Learner: Learning by Design

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Our district continues to push the boundaries in understanding how to engage the digital learner in more effective ways. We have not achieved success but acknowledge and appreciate that this is a on-going journey. This is the notion behind our district’s vision of “Learning by Design.” We are the intentional architects and designers of these new learning experiences, places, spaces, and endeavours. Our work is deliberate, meaningful and challenges the status quo. Teachers takes risks, try, experiment, and repeat. What a privilege to learn from their stories.

At our dinner series in February, we were fortunate to hear from three outstanding educators, and a student, as they shared their passions in trying to make their classrooms and learning more meaningful. You can find their stories here:

Communicating Student Learning featuring teacher Beverley Bunker from Crescent Park Elementary School. Great comments, including this one: “Student voice was no longer optional, it was assumed.”

Applied Learning = Fun! featuring Zale Darnel a technology teacher from Princess Margaret Secondary School but now most recently hired to the Education Services as a Helping Teacher for Curriculum & Innovation.

You can also read his guest post here: Maker Day at Princess Margaret.

Our third presenter was a 13 year old grade 8 student from SAIL (Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning). She provides a snapshot of what it means to be in the STEMX program through her presentation on Learning by Design.

Our fourth presenter was from Fraser Heights Secondary, teacher Jessica Gonsales “Ownership: I put that shift on everything!”

Jessica’s courage to design learning in new ways continues to be an inspiration for others across our district. We are grateful for the leadership she provides!

Bill Rankin PictureAs part of our dinner series, we were also fortunate to hear from Bill Rankin, one of Apple’s premier educators. His presentation is available to Surrey educators on the SS.ca hub at my internal blog Engaging the Digital Learner 2016: Learning in a New Age. Staff must be logged in to access this video.

A big thank you to all our #sd36learn educators for joining us at our February session. We look forward to May’s event with Jennie Mageira (@MsMageira) and more of our own Ignites.

Thank you to the Education Services Curriculum & Innovation Helping Teachers for organizing this event!

2 responses to “Engaging the Digital Learner: Learning by Design

  1. Hi Elisa,
    Thanks for the post. I wasn’t able to attend this session, so access to the presenters via video is much appreciated. As I pondered how “applied” learning differs from “hands-on” learning, and how ADST differs from Applied skills curriculum, I traced back to the curric document. There I was pleased to discover that there will be no content standards for this curriculum, but simply big ideas and curricular competencies. Thus it is designed to be highly integrative, contextual and content-flexible. I was excited to see in the Rationale “space for new and emerging areas such as “Media Arts.” One could quibble about the newness of Media Arts, yet I am delighted to see this included. The Arts will always have much to offer in both the critical and creative thinking competencies. I also love the language ‘to problem find’…for many years we have been looking at problem-solving, and I see problem-finding as offering much more possibility. Surfacing problems can be a much more complex process than finding solutions. Thank you for highlighting this new curriculum and nudging us to engage!

    • innovativelearningdesigns

      Hi Amy! Thanks so much for the comment on the Ignites! It is great to see the value that the ADST curriculum is putting on applied learning and the room for growth in Media Arts. This is great for our learners! Zale worked on the Ministry of Education team that development the curriculum document and it is wonderful to have him as a new member of staff. We will all need to be nudged to look at this new curriculum and engage our students with it!

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